What we’ve learned in 9 years in Vancouver
Since we are about to depart on our Nomadic Journey now is a good time to impart some wisdom on all of those people coming to visit or move to downtown Vancouver. After 9 years of living in Coal Harbour we have a love/hate relationship with the hourds of tourists that visit the seawall and Stanley Park annually as well as with some of our neighbors.

1. Bike Lanes. Yes Vancouver is full of them. If you are driver you hate them. If you are a cyclist you love them. If you are a pedestrian DO NOT WALK ON THEM. EVER! Watch the signs and keep your eyes open. And ALWAYS listen for the loud constantly ringing bike bells telling you to get out of the way.

2. Line up for the bus. We might be pushy on the bike lane but we are very polite riding the bus. Yes there is a line to get on. Go to the back and wait your turn.

3. Umbrella Etiquette. Umbrellas are necessary in Vancouver winter and they come in all sizes. If you choose to carry a monstrosity, watch where you are walking. On a crowded sidewalk it is always appropriate to lift or tip your umbrella to pass, but be careful to make sure this action does not get someone behind or beside you even more wet then they already are. We are still up in the air as to the appropriateness of carrying an umbrella when it snows.

4. Garbage Cans. Do you like the design of Vancouver garbage cans? Did you think that the rim about the outside was a nice design? It is actually there for you to put your recyclables on so someone can come by and easily pick them up. DON’T throw cans and bottles into the garbage. If there is no rim on the can, put them on top. They will be picked up quickly.

Image courtesy of VanCity Buzz.

Image courtesy of VanCity Buzz.

5. The N Sticker. It will surprise you the first time you see a N sticker (new driver) on a Lamborghini. But after you see a few more $100,000+ cars with N’s and L’s you will get used to it and laugh watching the driver trying to figure out how to open the doors!

6. Lululemon and NorthFace. Athletic wear is appropriate attire for every occasion. And now that Lululemon is as popular for men as it is for women this trend is not going away. NorthFace blazer anyone?

7. Coffee – Neither of us drink coffee so cannot comment fully here but Vancouverites take their coffee very seriously. If you are looking for the best coffee just stop anyone on the street and ask – you will get many different opinions but all will be independently operated and surely fabulous.

Horsehoe Bay, BC

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