Wine Club White
We are still in month four of Hinton’s Wild Orchid wine club and this is the second selection this month worthy of a blog. We get five reds and one white bottle each month. We usually save the white for guests but felt like opening a bottle last week. We are glad we did because we really enjoyed the Somdinou Jove Blanc from Spain. So much so we went back to Wild Orchid and purchased another bottle.

Wine Co-op
What is interesting about this wine is that it is made by ‘Cellar Coperatiu Gandesa’ a Spanish wine cooperative that was established in 1919 and has 453 current members who mostly live and work on their land. The cooperative consists of approximately 1,000 hectares with an equal amount of red and white grapes planted. The regions hot dry summer, cold winter and low rainfalls produce some very complex wines.

White Grenache and Macabeo
Another thing that is interesting about this wine is the grapes. We have a little familiarity with Grenache but none with Macabeo. We found out that Macabeo is also called Viura or Macabeu and is widely grown in the Rioja region of northeastern Spain. The grape is mostly used to make mildly acidic and young white wines suitable for early drinking or blending with other varieties.

Somindou Jove Blanc
This is an unoaked white that is fermented in steel tanks for 25 days. The color was pale with a bit of sparkle. The flavor is tropical and citrusy. The wine is slightly sweet (but not overly) and is very fresh and light. Not usually fans of white, we found this a good one on its own or with a light dinner. We purchased a second bottle for $18.50 and may go back for another before Wild Orchid runs out!

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