The End Is Near
At this time of year I am almost always ready for the NHL season to end. Summer is here, golf courses are in great shape and of course it is patio season!

Anyway… we have reached the end of the 2022 NHL Playoffs with the Colorado Avalanche taking on the two time defending champion Tampa Bay Lightening for the Stanley Cup. For my two cents this is the final that should have been. The best of the West taking on the best of the East for the 2022 Stanley Cup!

2022 NHL Playoff Recap
Personally I’ve had a pretty good run of picks in 2022. Here is a round by round recap of who I picked and how I did:

Not bad, eh! Total record of 13 & 1. Anyone do better??

Stanley Cup Playoff Prediction Final for 2022
This is the match-up I expected to see for the Stanley Cup final. Anything less and I may not bother watching. Two outstanding offences (with a couple of the best players in the league), two goalies looking to prove themselves as true elite netminders and defences that can control the play 200 ft. from either end of the ice. It should be a great series.

Stanley Cup Final 2022 – Updated June 26, 2022

Colorado Avalanche v Tampa Bay Lightening – Avalanche in 6 games – Avs win the Stanley Cup 4 games to 2.

I would love to see the Bolts repeat for a third time, but also think it is a bit of a passing of the guard where Colorado now becomes the best team (or dynasty) of the NHL for the next few years. My 2022 playoff record ends at 14 & 1. Anyone beat that??

I guess we’ll know in a couple of weeks. Agree or disagree? Leave you thoughts in the comments.

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