NHL Stanley Cup Finals

So I went 6 & 2 in round one of the NHL Playoffs and 3 & 1 in the quarter finals but my record dipped to 50% with a one and one record in the conference finals. The semi-final series’ were both good ones but for my money the Stanley Cup was decided in the Western Conference final when Chicago beat Anaheim for a birth in the final. I do believe the New York Rangers would have been a better combatant for the wining Western team. Time will tell.

Stanley Cup Final Pick

As above I really believe that the two best teams played in the Western Conference final, therefore the Chicago Blackhawks will win the 2015 Stanley Cup final. Chicago is a Vancouver Canucks enemy so it pains me to say it, but that’s what I think will happen. Game one goes Wednesday so time will tell!

As soon as hockey is finished for another season I’m looking forward to the BC Lions and the Seattle Seahawks getting started.


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