2014 – 2015 NHL Regular Season
I wasn’t into NHL this season as much as I have been in the past, maybe it was the long run the Seahawks had again. Don’t get me wrong I didn’t miss watching more than a handful of Canucks games and the last two weeks of the regular season I got back into it as the playoff races got interesting. I am looking forward to the playoffs getting started as I think right now all 8 teams in the Eastern or Western Conferences could win the Stanley Cup!

Western Conference

Western Conference
 St. Louis Blues vs. W1. Minnesota Wild – St. Louis Blues in 5 ~ Minnesota 4 – 2

  • This might be the most lopsided series in the West for the first round.

C2. Nashville Predators vs. C3. Chicago Blackhawks – Chicago Blackhawks in 7 ~ Chicago 4 – 2

  • This is going to be a hard fought series but I gave it to the Blackhawks for their experience.

P1. Anaheim Ducks vs. W2. Winnipeg Jets – Anaheim Ducks in 6 ~ Anaheim 4 – 0

  • As an exPegger, I’d really like to say the Jets but can’t. They’ll give the Ducks some trouble but it won’t be enough.

P2.  Vancouver Canucks vs. P3. Calgary Flames – Vancouver Canucks in 6 ~ Calgary 4 – 2

  • I aways take the Canucks I know. This should be a fun, hard fought series between two teams who don’t like each other.

Eastern Conference
A1. Montreal Canadians vs. W1. Ottawa Senators
 – Montreal Canadians in 6 ~ Montreal 4 – 2

  • Like the Canucks/ Flames in the West, this other all Canadian match-up should be a great series. Ottawa’s luck is going to run out here after a great push to make the playoffs.

A2Tampa Bay Lightening vs. A3. Detroit Red Wings – Tampa Bay in 6 ~ Tampa Bay 4 – 3

  • Detroit isn’t getting any younger and that will hurt them in this series. I think changes are coming in the off season in the Motor City.

M1. New York Ranges vs. W2. Pittsburgh Penguins – New York Rangers in 6 ~ New York 4 – 1

  • Pittsburgh is still a pretty good team, that didn’t have a great year. I think the Rangers are going to be tough and AV will have them ready for the playoffs.

M2. Washington Capitals vs. M3. New York Islanders– Washington Capitals in 7 ~ Washington 4 -3

  • This one matches up pretty evenly for me. It might come down to who has the better power play in this series.

Agree or disagree with my picks? Leave a comment with yours!


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