2013 – 2014 NHL Regular Season
The end of the NHL regular season is in the books. It has been a disappointing season for me as a Canucks fan, but our boys will bounce back next year. I’m still a big hockey fan, but since the Canucks are not in playoffs, any games I want to watch will be on the bedroom TV as Tara takes control of the remote control until October! In any event here are my first round predictions…

2014 NHL Playoff Predictions 

Western Conference
 Anaheim Ducks vs. 8. Dallas Stars – Anaheim Ducks in 4

  • Like the Bruins in the East the Ducks are just a far better team than the Stars.

2Minnesota Wild vs. 7. Colorado Avalanche – Minnesota Wild in 6

  • This has the making of the most boring series of the first round. The Wild will likely put the young Avalanche to sleep and take the series.

3. Chicago Blackhawks vs. 6. St. Louis Blues – Chicago Blackhawks in 6

  • This will be the best series in the Western Conference in the first round. It will be a tough battle, but I give the edge to the Blackhawks for playoff experience.

4.  Los Angeles Kings vs. 5. San Jose Sharks – Los Angeles Kings in 5

  • The Sharks are aging and the energy of the Kings should be more than enough to win this series. It should be a good one too!

Eastern Conference
1. Boston Bruins vs. 8. Detroit Red Wings
 – Boston Bruins in 5

  • The B’s are just too good for the aging Wings, as much as it pains me to say that!

2. Pittsburgh Penguins vs. 7. Columbus Blue Jackets – Pittsburgh Penguins in 5

  • The Pens are too strong and I think playoff nerves will make the Jackets an easy first round opponent.

3. Montreal Canadians vs. 6. Tampa Bay Lightening – Tampa Bay Lightening in 6 

  • As much as I don’t want to see the lone Canadian team out in the first round I don’t think Tampa Bay gets enough credit. Keeping in mind they played a good portion of their season with out their best player in Stamkos.

4. Philadelphia Flyers vs. 5. New York Rangers– New York Rangers in 7

  • This is the first round series I am most looking forward too! It should be a hard hitting, battle to the finish.


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