NHL Round Three Re-Cap
After a 6 -2 start in round one, my second round picks were 3 -1 and my conference final picks were 0 – 2, I’m feeling confident in my Stanley Cup final predictions (my Dad has improved to 11 – 3 compared to my 9 – 5 record). The Conference final was a bit of a shocker… I did not see the the Boston Bruins dominating the Pittsburgh Penguins the way they did. Four games and no points from Crosby or Malkin!! In the West I also didn’t see the lesson Chicago would give the LA Kings in offensive zone play. But it is the cup!

NHL Stanley Cup Prediction
Chicago Blackhawks vs. Boston Bruins – Boston Bruins in 6

  • The #1 team (Chicago) in the West vs. the #4 team (Boston) in the East. It absolutely pains me to pick the Bruins but they have been good and getting better with each round (domination). Chicago was the best team in the regular season but will be no match for the defensive style the B’s play. The Bruins physically will beat down the Hawks, but this should be an entertaining series!
The Cup final starts Wednesday!


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