First Round Re-Cap
Here we go… round two of the NHL Playoffs begins Friday.  But what a great first round to kick off the 2012 NHL Playoffs. Major upsets, head shots, suspensions and game 7 heroics were all part of some great hockey. I thought the first round was as great a first round as we have seen in the NHL Playoffs in a number of years, except of course for the Vancouver Canucks first round loss and season being over!

My Round One Picks
In my first round NHL playoff picks I managed a respectable 4-4 record. I say respectable because I don’t think anyone could have predicted some of the upsets that happened in round one. Canucks, Red Wings, Blackhawks, Penguins and defending champion Bruins are all gone after the first round. Surely someone picked one or more of these teams to move on to round two. I heard from a few hockey pool friends who had zero to one or two players left in their pools due to the upsets that occurred. 

On To The Second Round
So me and my first round record of 4-4 (after going 8-0 in round one a year ago) are on to picking round two. I have to admit with no Canadian teams left – and for that matter teams left that I don’t have a big interest in – the NHL playoffs don’t hold my enthusiasm like they did a year ago.

Western Conference
#8 Los Angeles Kings vs #2 St. Louis Blues – Blues in 6
#4 Nashville Predators vs #3 Phoenix Coyotes – Predators in 5

Eastern Conference
#7 Washington Capitals vs #1 New York Rangers – Capitals in 7
#6 New Jersey Devils vs #5 Philadelphia Flyers – Flyers in 5

Viewing the NHL Playoffs
While I won’t be making Tara set our personal and professional schedule around the playoffs anymore, if you are interested, here is the TV schedule for round two!