First Round NHL Playoff Match-ups
Here we go NHL fans… after 82 games we are now ready for the 2012 NHL Playoffs. The playoffs kick off on Wednesday April 11th, 2012 and I know for sure Tara is ready. I think her biggest regret this season was buying me the NHL Centre Ice package which added about 10 games per week (although there were more) to my already heavy viewing schedule. As an ex-Winnipeger I particularly enjoyed seeing all the Jets games this year and while they played what I thought was an entertaining game it was simply not enough to get them into the playoffs! However for one of 82 games I did not cheer for the Jets, it was, of course when they played the Canucks!

Vancouver Canucks
My Vancouver Canucks (yes, after 15 years living in BC they are my Canucks) finished off another great season. Although it had its ups and downs, goalie controversy, Kesler under performed and Daniel is questionable for game one with a concussion, the Canucks still managed to finish first overall in the league and win the President’s trophy!

 My 2012 NHL First Round Picks
 You can choose to agree or disagree with any of my selections by leaving a comment (appreciated) but remember that in round one last year I went a perfect 8-0. Of course some of you will remember that I went 12-3 overall with my playoff series predictions a year ago, the last one hurt the most!

Updated with series final results from the 1st round!

Western Conference
Vancouver Canucks vs. Los Angeles Kings – Canucks in 5 (Kings in 5)
St. Louis Blues vs. San Jose Sharks – Blues in 7 (Blues in 5)
Phoenix Coyotes vs. Chicago Blackhawks – Blackhawks in 5 (Coyotes in 6)
Nashville Predators vs. Detroit Red Wings – Predators in 6 (Predators in 5)

Eastern Conference
New York Rangers vs. Ottawa Senators – Rangers in 6 (Rangers in 7)
Boston Bruins vs. Washington Capitals – Bruins in 5 (Washington in 7)
Florida Panthers vs. New Jersey Devils – Devils in 6 (Devils in 7)
Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Philadelphia Flyers – Penguins in 6 (Flyers in 6)

Vancouver Canucks Schedule
Wednesday, April 11th 7:30PM | CBC
Friday, April 13th 7:00PM | CBC
Sunday, April 15th 7:30PM | CBC
Wednesday, April 18th 7:00PM | CBC 
Sunday, April 22nd 5:00PM | CBC
* Tuesday, April 24th TBD
* Thursday, April 26th TBD 

* If necessary

The full 2012 NHL first round playoff schedule is here!