Three Day Summary
Sorry for the delay in posting, it has been a crazy time in Vancouver.  Frankly we have been to busy and to tired to post any blogs.  To wrap up the past three days we have decided to post all our happenings at one time!

Day 7 at the Olympics
Our day started by attempting to get into the Aboriginal Pavilion but giving up as soon as we found out at the wait was over an hour.  Instead we headed to the ‘We Rock’ Olympic Art exhibit at the YMCA on Beatty Street.  Ken Wesman was comissioned to paint 7 works at the 1988 Olympic Games in Calgary and has been doing Olympic art ever since.  The paintings were colorful and terffically captured the Games.  He already has a great painting completed that captures these Games that is already available in prints and was just completing his Alexander Bilodeau work when we arrived.  There was no line and it is definitely worth stopping by.

Next we met a friend for drinks at Lux on Granville before heading to a Tweetup event (a gathering of people created through Twitter) at the Caprice.  The gathering was organized to watch Canada play Switzerland in Men’s hockey.  We were sorry to leave after two periods with the score tied!  However, we were on our way to BC Place to see the Victory Ceremonies.  We didn’t want to miss this one as our country was receiving a Gold and Silver medal.  The band Hedley was the post ceremony act!

Day 8 at the Olympics
On day eight we decided to head over to Granville Island and check out some of the happenings there.  We had heard some great things about the Atlantic Canada House!  However it was a three hour line-up to get into the food tasting so we gave that a pass to wait in line for the Atlantic Canada ‘Come on in!’ music show.  After an hour in line we were in.  It was a great show that featured a musician from each of the four Atlantic provinces talking and singing about the history of their regions and their own personal stories. 
When we left we tried again for the afternoon food tasting, but it was already sold out so we took the water taxi over to Yaletown.  After a bite at The Keg Yaletown we walked around a bit taking in the sites on Mainland Street before taking the sky train back to the Waterfront!  The train was packed and standing room only.

Day 9 at the Olympics
Day 9, or yesterday, involved a noonish start as we meet some friends at Subeez at Smithe and Homer for brunch and cocktails.  Following that we all headed over to Canada Hockey Place for the Slovakia v. Latvia hockey game.  Slovakia was up 3-0 after one period and the crowd quickly became pro-Latvia.  It is such a great atmosphere inside the Garage (I know, it is now Canada Hockey Place).  We headed towards home and stopped for a shared pizza and brew at the Mill Marine Pub & Bistro on the way before calling it a night.
Today at the Olympics
Today we are on our way to Yaletown to catch the Canada v. USA Men’s hockey game.  It should be EPIC!  Then we head to BC Place to see Trooper / Loverboy at the victory ceremonies. Go Canada!!!