Day 4 of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics
You may have noticed there is not blog post for day 4 of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics.  While we did have tickets to the Victory Ceremony we decided to give them away.  We are really enjoying the games, we just needed a day off!  And had to do a bit of work!

Day 5 of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics
After our day of rest we were ready for another walk through the crowds on Robson Street.  Our destination was Alberta House, across from BC Place in what is usually the Dogpound Pub.  It definitly looked a lot different (better) as Alberta House.  By Olympic standards the line moved quickly and in 25 minutes we were inside, just in time for the start of the Canada vs. Norway hockey game.  The atmosphere was great and included a live band during the intermissions.  Alberta House was a great stop on our list of many “houses” to see during the 2010 Winter Olympics and at $6 for a pint of beer so far the best prices we have come across.  It was nice to drink out of real glass as opposed to the plastic cups at other houses (and much more ‘green’).  The Prairie Chowder was not bad either.

We left Alberta House at the start of the third period of the Canada Hockey game (with our country leading 3-0) and headed into BC Place for the evenings Victory Ceremony.  Really we were looking forward to the Barenaked Ladies concert following the medal presentations.

Victory Ceremony & Barenaked Ladies
The Victory Ceremony was OK, about the same as on day 2 and really after you have seen it once we are not sure you need to see it again.  Of course Canada being presented a Silver medal helped and if we are there on a day our country gets Gold we are sure it will be that much more special.

When the ceremonies ended, the Barenaked Ladies took the stage.  They did not disappoint, the concert was excellent, fantastic music and sound. But lead singer Ed Robertson was exeptional with jokes and a couple of funny rap tunes about the Olympics, the band and Vancouver to entertain the crowd.  This concert moved “the Ladies” up on our list of favorite acts.

View all the day 5 photos in our Flickr Set.  All in all, with a Canadian 8-0 hockey win and a great concert we deem day 5 of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics a success.  Bring on Day 6!!!