Hard to believe the day finally came, but while I’m writing this the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Closing Ceremonies are wrapping up!  We are sad, but feel a sense of relief at the same time.  The Games were phenominal and we enjoyed every moment we were able to take in!  However, we do look forward to the consistent (and sometimes mundane routine) we need to get back to!

Day 16 – Live City Yaletown
Even though we were on the heals of each recovering from a cold the past few days, combined with a busy work schedule, we had not yet been to a Live City Venue.  So on Saturday we headed out to Live City Yaletown… located in Yaletown!  Upon entering the venue, after less then a five minute wait, it hits you how big and expansive the Live City Venues are.  We first came upon the food venues, although it wasn’t close to lunch we checked them out anyway.  Greece, Italy, India, China, Jamaica and Canada we’re represented.

We stopped to have a look at what was being featured on the Canadian menu and have to admit that our reaction was is this the best food choices we can offer?  I mean Poutine and Onion Rings – seriously, a bit of a disappointment. Although the Salmon, Bison and West Coast Chowder were good representatives, what about the Hot Dog?

After a tour of Live City that included the Vancouver House, we decided it was in fact time for lunch and headed into Yaletown to try the Hub Restaurant.  We both just felt like appetizers and decided on Yam Fries with a spicy mayo dip and Lobster Wings.  Yeah, I said Lobster Wings.  This were in fact four small, deep fried Lagastino tails served with a side of butter.  Both items turned out to be excellent.  The only knock on the Hub Restaurant was the Olympic size automatic 18% gratuity on the bill.  However, unlike Earl’s Yaletown, our server was careful to inform us of this.

Day 17 – Final Day of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games
So today we decided to avoid all the crowds that were sure to be out for what likely was the signature event of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games.  This of course was Canada versus the USA in the Gold Medal game of Men’s hockey.  I’ll spare you the recap because if you didn’t see the game or haven’t heard the details or see the replays, you either live under a rock or really don’t care.  The bottom line was our boys took gold and also secured the record for most gold medals ever at a Winter Olympics with 14 for Team Canada!!!

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Closing Ceremones
We both felt it was an excellent end to the games, what other country can make fun of itself?  There was a lot of complaining on Twitter about the choice of bands, but come on people, seriously!  We have just had the party of the century, our country was well represented on the podium and Vancouver is the envy of Canada.  So you didn’t like Nickelback or Avril – get over yourselves!

John Furlong
We met John Furlong a couple of times years ago when he was involved with the Canadian Society of Club Managers and even then his passion for Canada and sport in general always showed.  He did a fantastic job leading VANOC and our country into the games and throughout the greatest event in our lifetime.  To this we have only one thing to say: