Two Days Off
We think the festivities of the previous 11 days finally caught up with us as we have been homebound with colds the past two days.  However, we had Victory Ceremony tickets on Day 13 and INXS was the concert act so we decided to suck it up and head out to BC Place. 

Clara Hughes
We were glad we made it in time to see Clara Hughes receive her bronze medal.  While not Gold this true Canadian and great Olympian has been a fantastic representitive for our country and she made us all proud.  A long standing ovation for her was well deserved!

Notes of the Day
Prior to leaving for the game we were super excited to see Canada taking a 7 – 3 lead over Russia into the final period (and what turned out to be the final score).  However, more great news was to come!  Canada’s Haillie Humphries and Heather Moyse had won Gold in the two man bobsled followed by a Silver for Helen Upperton and Shelley-Ann Brown in the same event.  Two more Canadian medals!!!  Just prior to this exciting news, our Canadian women had won a Silver in the 3,000 metre speed skating relay.  A great day with four medals for our country and girl power everywhere.  Tamara Taggart and Ben Mulroney did a great job giving this great news to the crowd at BC Place.

The INXS concert was fantastic.  It was great hearing a band we grew up listening to play there classic tunes with the odd new one mixed in.  New vocalist JD, who we saw win the ‘Rockstar‘ competition to become the new lead singer was good, he made a few improvements on the classics and wasn’t quite as good on others, but it was still a great night.

Earl’s Restaurant
Jeff and a friend went to Earl’s in Yaletown a few days ago and were throughly unimpressed by the Olympic auto-gratuity being imposed.  Particularly as staff were not telling customers as they presented the bill.  However, as we had a gift card, we stopped at Earl’s on Robson on the way home.  It was OK, our server was nice, but disappeared for about 20 minutes as we were wrapping up our meal.  With so much choice in Vancouver I’m not sure we’ll be returning to any Earl’s anytime soon!