What Is An Olympic Hangover?
We don’t know the technical definition so all we can offer is our thoughts.  It has been two full days since the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games ended and we don’t know what to feel.  Should it be happiness, sadness, remorse or somthing else?  I think we are experiencing all of the above.

The Olympic Hangover Is Not About Drinking!
We woke up the past two days from our downtown condo to see that traffic coming from North Vancouver had returned to its normal morning gridlock.  There were no Canada flags hanging from other Condos, few people were on the street and the only Olympic news was of the tear downs happening.

Back to Normal
Even we have returned to normal with a full week of work on our plate.  It did turn out to be a productive day as the phone rarely rang, emails and Tweets hardly came in and most of Canada took the day off.  It will take time to recover, but what a party!

We look forward to the start of the Vancouver 2010 Paralympic Winter Games and hope everyone plans to recapture the excitment and energy we have all just experienced!  Check back in a few days for a schedule of Paralympic activities.

Let’s keep the party going!!!