Weekly Olympics Blog for Vancouver Locals

The Flame Arrives
The Olympic Flame will arrive in Canada today (Thursday, October 29th) and will begin its 45,000 kilometer journey across Canada on Friday, October 30th in Victoria. Since Victoria is only 70 kilometers from Vancouver the Torch will travel the ‘long-way around’ to include as many Canadian communities as possible. Along the route the torchbearers will use a variety of transportation suited to their location including a First Nations canoe, horse-drawn carriage, cross-country skis, a kayak, snowmobile, tractor, mountain bike, ferry and even a skateboard. The flame will arrive in Vancouver on February 11th with a celebration planned for that evening at the LiveCity Yaletown location in David Lam Park.

Pedestrian and Cycling Routes
To meet the increased demand for pedestrian only traffic, a number of roads that connect venues and celebration sites will be closed to vehicles from 12 noon to midnight, between February 12th and 28th, 2010. These are Granville between Smithe and Cordova, Robson between Bute and Beatty, the Hamilton/Mainland corridor between David Lam Park and Georgia and Beatty between Smithe St and Dunsmuir St. This is good news for walkers, but there is some not-so-good news for cyclists. Several of the existing bicycle routes will be closed or altered for security purposes beginning as early as January 4th. See the 2010 Host City website for details.

Get Your Red Mittens
Olympic Mittens are selling like crazy – 105,000 pairs so far – with sales expected to reach one million by the end of the Games period. The mittens have already raised $420,000 for athletes through the Own the Podium initiative. The mittens have an acrylic shell and a lining designed to keep hands warm. Oh and we’ve already purchased our pair.

Next Week
On November 7th at 10:00 am ticket sales will re-open again as the seat assignment period has ended. Tickets purchased at this time will be sold in real time, and directly into available seat locations. Available tickets can be purchased through www.vancouver2010.com or by calling the Vancouver 2010 Ticketing Call Centre at 1-800-TICKETS (1-800-842-5387).