Updated: December 30, 2010 – 10:30 am

Team Canada Picks – Men’s Olympic Hockey
I heard today that the announcement of Canada’s team for the upcoming 2010 Winter Olympics will be covered by something like 17 major networks tomorrow. Many are even doing half hour specials just before the announcement is made at 9:00 am PST on TSN. So I thought I better make my list and get it posted for you to agree, disagree or possible ridicule me about.

This is really a no brainer and even though I’m a die hard Canucks fan the start should go to Brodeur.

Luongo | Brodeur | Fleury

I don’t think there are any surprises in my picks here, with the exception perhaps of Doughty. I think he is a young up and coming player who has been fantastic for Los Angeles this year. I also like the fact that this will be the last Olympics for Neidermayer and possibly Pronger so the experience Doughty earns will help Team Canada in future years.

Neidermayer | Pronger | Keith | Weber | Seabrook | Boyle | Doughty

I think the top nine players are a shoe in and while you can debate the other choices, it’s my blog so my picks. The other point here is who will captain the team, I hope and believe that it should be Iginla. Crosby’s time will come soon enough.

Crosby | Iginla | Nash | Getzlaf | St. Louis | Thronton | Marleau | Heatley | M. Richards | Morrow | B. Richards | Toews | Perry

The final forward positions ended up as:

Crosby | Iginla | Nash | Getzlaf | Bergeron | Thronton | Marleau | Heatley | M. Richards | Morrow | E. Staal | Toews | Perry

I will be watching the announcement and will post the actually selections today! here tomorrow morning. Interesting to see how close my picks are.  I ended up going 3 for 3 in goal, 7 for 7 on defense and 11 for 13 at forward making my overall record 21 for 23 and better than a number of “experts” out there.  I am disappointed with the selection of Neidermayer as captain, I still think Iginla is the new “Captain Canada”.