2010 Winter Olympic Games
This blog post is not going to be favorable for Doolin’s Irish Pub in Yaletown.  However, we recognize that we did visit about four days prior to the start of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.  Having just arrived home after 26 days in California, we wanted to go for a walk and take in the sights and sounds of the city.  Of course this meant finding a place for a bite of lunch.

The Experience Was Good
Overall, we had a good experience.  Our server was attentive, our food arrived promptly and was good.  Tara had a Veggie burger and Jeff the Fish & Chips, keeping in mind that Doolin’s is a pub the food met our expectations for this lunch.  Everything was pretty good until the bill arrived.

Price Gouging
There is simply no other way to say it then the fact that we were flat out gouged, not so much on the meal, although at $10 the one piece Fish & Chips is a bit on the high side.  We each had a beer with lunch, Tara a Corona and Jeff a pint of Rickards Red (from Molson the official beer of the Olympics).  Now you could argue it was our fault for not asking the price, but really does anyone do that.  We didn’t even think of it and do expect to pay $6 – 7 for a beer downtown, maybe a little more at a place like the Fairmont lounge.  We have been to Doolin’s before and do not remember the prices being high.  This time the price at Doolin’s was $8.25 for a Corona and $8.50 for a Rickards Red (plus 15% liquor tax and gst, with tip on top).

We feel ripped off and won’t be going to Doolin’s again during the Olympics, in fact on principle it is unlikely we will ever go again!  This was our first sighting of price gouging at the 2010 Winter Olympics.  Hopefully this isn’t the norm for the next two weeks!

On another note we have heard that Atlantic Canada House has pints for $5 or less.  Gotta love those Easterners!

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Update: Beers (Molson Canadian) were only $8.00 at Canada Hockey Place – now that is a deal!