Some users of YouTube do not look in to most of their analytics. They might skip right to the “Estimated earnings” because that is what is most important to lots of people.

Step 1: Pick an appropriate date range. Change the range that YouTube chooses from to “lifetime” to a set date range. From here you will be able to get a greater understanding of your subscribers and viewers, what videos they like, when you gain new subscribers etc.

Step 2: Learn about your key demographic. You are able to see age and gender from all viewers; even location presented on a map. This lets you know who finds your videos relevant. Could be 13-17 year old girls or 60-80 year old men. Knowing this allows you to tailor your videos to your main audience.

Step 3: Learn about how your viewers find your videos. You are also able to see which platform draws in most of your views (ie. Facebook, Twitter, etc.) If you are looking to put money in to advertising on a social site, you will need to know this to maximize performance.

Step 4: Retain your audience. Finally it is important to loo at your “Audience retention.” This lets you know, on average, how long your video is being viewed. This can give an insight as to which video has better content, and when roughly people stop watching your video. 

Be sure not to skip any of your analytics because knowing more about who your videos attract will ultimately help increase your engagement and reach your goals.


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