How to Make it ‘Work’ (pardon the pun) – Part 2
Most of you probably never thought you would have to start working from home. We love it, but we know that it is not for everyone.

From years of experience, we have some tips that might just make it bearable.

In Part 1 we gave you our first three tips:
#1. Don’t force yourself into a routine that doesn’t suit you. Work when you are most productive.
#2. Do not try to work from your bed, just because you think you can.
#3. Do not try to multi-task.

You can read Part 1 here.

In Your Work Clothes
This one is a bit flexible but it means GET DRESSED. You don’t need to put on a suit if that is your daily attire but for those of you in the golf industry putting on a golf shirt is not a stretch. It is not really important what you put on what is important is that you put on something different. While you may be temped to work in your pyjamas, don’t. It has the same effect as trying to work from bed. You don’t feel like you are at work and you will be less productive. (Disclaimer: one of us feels more strongly about this point than the other 🙄)

#4. Get dressed

Like in Your Office
Sitting too long is BAD, no matter where you are sitting. If you have a standing desk in your office at work then figure out a way to make one at home. If you sit on a ball at your office, then sit on a ball at home. Set a timer for 55 minutes so that once every hour you get up and stretch or walk around for 5 minutes. If you really get focused on something you will be surprised at how quick time flies. Without office distractions you might forget to get up and its likely that your home chair and desk set up is not ergonomically correct.

#5. Move every hour. Your body will thank you.

Just Do It
At first you will be temped to do everything else possible in your home just so you don’t have to start working. And on some days, if you just cannot be productive then yes, give in and do the laundry because you might as well get something done. Just don’t start with that mindset. Just start working. Even if you don’t want to. Start and you will be surprised how at how far you will get.

#6. Just start working…but don’t be too hard on yourself if once in a while the ‘work’ just doesn’t ‘work’.

Remote work gives you the freedom of flexibility, time, and a space you can set up the way you like and call your own.

Try to turn the current situation into something positive. Develop your own unique and maybe weird habits to create a daily work experience that works for you. You may even end up bringing some of these habits back into your workplace.

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” ~ Thomas A. Edison

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