June 7th, 2016 is Women’s Golf Day. Celebrating girls and women in golf, at the same time, on the same day, around the world. This is a great opportunity for your golf course to join a conversation and a movement to focus on getting more women playing this great sport.

womens-golf-day-1To get started, your golf course can go to www.womensgolfday.com to sign up. Your event will run from 4-8pm on Tuesday, June 7th. You can format your day to start off with 2 hours of golf or instruction of some kind and then 2 hours of social networking. This is the time to really get involved with the women who come to your course, show them what you have to offer them in the way of lessons, leagues, merchandise and whatever else you have to help women get involved in golf. You could have entertainment, prizes, speakers, refreshments or whatever creative idea you can come up with to make your event spectacular!womensgolfday3

You can decide to charge a fee for your event, you set your own price, or you can make this a free event. If you do charge a fee, all paid events will run through the website and you can choose to use EventBrite or Golf EMS for consumers to purchase tickets through.

Courses need to sign up by the April 30th deadline to have their event run through the Women’s Golf Day website. As of April 25th, there were 10 courses in BC and Alberta already signed up. This is a great opportunity to draw some new business to your course. When you sign up, don’t forget to promote your event on social media, and use #womensgolfday to join the conversation!

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