Social Photo Sharing
Now that you are all posting witty, valuable and engaging content on Facebook and Twitter on a regular basis it is now time to join the next generation.

Social sites based on photo sharing are the next generation. Instagram usage has grown from 13% of all US online adults three years ago to 28% now. Instagram now has 300+ million users worldwide. Pinterest has also grown, doubling its users to 100 million in the last 3 years.
CK Golf Instgram


So here is why we think your business needs to be on Instagram..

    • Photos Rule – How much more likely are you to read a Facebook posts or click on a blog if the photo is good? Photos currently rule the content game and golf courses have an advantage. They are photogenic. Instagram is all about the quality of the photo and what the photo is trying to say so take advantage of your surroundings and create some beauties.
    • Longevity – Instagram is no longer the new kid on the block. It launched in 2010 and has been gaining followers ever since. You do not need to worry about investing time and effort to grow an audience to then have the platform fade into the night.
    • More Views – Unlike Facebook there is no fancy algorithm that decides which of your followers will see your posts. Every photos will be seen by every follower (assuming they scroll down far enough or check often enough). So, as a brand, there is no need to worry about which posts will get the most views. They all show up 100% in your audience’s feeds.
    • Hashtags Rule too – Instagram is the one location that it is hard to use too many #hashtags. And since you cannot link to a URL from your posts using hashtags strategically is the best way to extend your reach beyond your own followers.
    • Advertising – Just like Facebook and Twitter Instagram now has Sponsored Posts. You can pay for an Instagram post with a link to your website that will get seen by more people than your regular posts.

Here are a few businesses that we think use Instagram well to grow their followers and engage them. (Note: Instagram is not meant for use on a desktop so these links look better on a mobile).

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