Gallus Golf Mobile App Part 2
This post is the second in our series about the Golf Golf Mobile App. You can read Part I here. This is also an update of a previous Geo-fence blog written in December 2016.

What is a Geofence?
Simply put a geo-fence uses GPS information from your smart phone to locate you and your location. A geo-fence is a geographical boundary you can set to “push” notify users who have turned on notifications from your app or other location notifying software. 

Gallus Golf App Geo-Fencing
The Gallus Golf App is our featured golf App, in fact so much so that all of our client golf courses use the App. In addition to ‘push notifications’ the Gallus App also offers geo-fence technology. We use this technology to put a ‘fence’ around competitor courses for each of our golf courses using the Gallus App. This allows us to automate a push message. Most of the time it is a simple message that says:

“You are playing near XXX golf course. Have a great round, we hope to see you for your next golf game”.

Or something to that effect. Nothing too invasive, but we just want to remind golfers who have our App that we are near-by and welcome them for their next golf game.

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