What Are Website Analytics?
Website analytics is the measurement, collection analysis and reporting of website data for the purpose of understanding and optimizing web usage. (Source Wikipedia).

Website analytics are a very important tool for your business and you should be regularly paying attention to the data that they provide. There are many different types of software you can purchase to monitor and track your analytics but we almost exclusively use Google Analytics, which is free software you can register for with a Google account. Google analytics will provide you with a bit of code you install in your website and 24 hours later you will start seeing the data. If your website is a WordPress site you can simply install the plugin to begin tracking your website results.

Why Should You Analyze Your Website Traffic?
Website analytics provide a way for you to measure your website traffic. They can help you see what works about your website and what does not. They can also help you measure your conversion rates from social media and from other websites or online ads you may have placed. Analytics can also tell you about your website reader.

User Behavior
Key statistics about your users behavior such as number of pages visited, time spent on your website and bounce rate allow you to see if your content is holding your viewers attention or not. You can also analyze each page on your website to see which ones get the most traffic and how long your visitors stay on each page.

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Google Analytics, Page Views

Market Research
Website analytics can help you with your marketing by telling you what sources send traffic to your website. Is your social media bringing people to your website? Do the paid ads that you do on a golf website bring you any traffic? While most ads you buy will come with statistics from the company that provides them we always suggest that you track your own to be sure.

Google Analytics, Page Views
Analytics will also give you basic demographic information such as age, gender and interests to help you make some marketing decisions.

If you aren’t already, you should start paying more attention to the analytics and performance of your website. Your website is the online face of your business. You should be studying, updating and improving it just like you do your golf course.


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