Social Cross Posting
OK – this may be a bit more of rant than anything but I find it painful, useless and annoying when I see brands (including golf courses) cross posting to all their social channels. This is particularly worse when the posts happens at exactly the same time on the various channels. When people tell us they figured out how to link their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn accounts together, we cringe. Often our first comment will be “stop doing that right now”!

Cross Posting Is Negative
In fact we find it to be lazy. We’re all busy and have lots to do, but taking short cuts by cross posting is not the answer. Everyone who follows you on two or more of your social networks is likely to see that one same message across all of them. Who wants to see the same thing twice? I don’t, and have recently been removing cross posters from all but one of my streams. You know who you are!

Cross Marketing Works
Please don’t think that we are saying not to post your message/ promotion/ offer across all your social platforms. Completely the opposite. Do that, just not at the same time and not the exact same message for each social channel. Write each post for the platform it is intended. This includes using the correct tagging method and appropriate use (or not) of #hashtags. You will get much more bang (engagement) for your efforts by taking the extra time to do this. Plus people like me won’t unfollow you for filling my streams with the same message at the same time on the same day on all of your platforms!

If you want better results from your social media marketing take the same to do the above, it will pay off for you.

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