What We Do
For the past 11 years, CK Golf has performed a variety of roles for the courses we work with. Our roles have ranged in length from a few months to many years. We are always independent contractors, but try to integrate ourselves into a facility almost becoming a part of the team. We do this through both face to face, intensive sessions and by phone and email but regular and continued contact throughout a project is key to our business model.

Some of the work we have preformed for various golf courses of the years includes but is not limited to:

  • General Management
  • Facility Assessments and Financial Analysis
  • All Aspects of Marketing
  • Team Goal Setting and Accountability
  • Silent Shoppers and Customer Feedback Surveys
  • Business Planning and Strategy
  • Human Resources and Organization Structures
  • Coaching, Advice and Expertise

So Why Hire A Consultant
There are a lot of reasons you may want to bring in some outside help/ opinions to improve your businesses bottom line performance. A short list of these include:

  • You want an outside view of your business on some specific level or a complete review your facility
  • You need a little extra experience and expertise for a specific project
  • Your current advertising and marketing strategies aren’t producing results
  • You want someone with no history or pre-conceived ideas about your business
  • You need someone who can get a project done quickly, efficiently, in detail to a very high standard
  • Your people are stretched too thin to accomplish something that needs to be done
  • Your team needs to hear things from a different voice or perspective
  • You want help solving a problem

Best of all we offer FREE consultations and we love to just chat about the business of golf to anyone and almost any time, really! Contact us today and let’s discuss how we might be able to help your golf operation.

We, Jeff and Tara Ciecko of CK Golf write two blogs, one is our 19th Hole Blog where we share personal experiences and the other an Industry Blog where we comment on general business and internet marketing best practices, sales strategies and give golf industry related opinions. We have owned CK Golf  for 10 years and provide business services to the golf and other industries. As of August 2016 our life and our business is ‘location independent’. Our 19th Hole Blog is about the places we visit and the things we do. If you have any questions or comments, or happen to be in the same location as us please reach out and contact us anytime.