Do you groan when you hear the word meeting? Most people do. From a General Manager perspective have you ever thought about the cost of having meetings?

Over the years we’ve been thinking about the cost of meetings a little bit. In the case of CK Golf when all you have to give is time, time becomes a pretty valuable commodity. Meetings must serve a purpose, or they can become a big time waster for everyone involved.

Case Study – from a few years ago…
We were sitting around the management meeting table at a golf course having a discussion on pull cart pricing. The discussion wasn’t going forward, should we increase the price $1 to fall in line with other increases, or decrease the price because of needs to upgrade fleet etc, etc. Finally, after about 30 minutes talking about pull cart pricing (in part to stop the discussion) we asked what the total pull cart revenue for the previous year was. After a quick check the answer was $900 annually! What, why are we even talking about this??

What Is The Cost of Meeting?
After looking around the table (including CK Golf) and seeing four other team members we decided to calculate the cost of the meeting. Knowing everyones wage we came to $2.88 per minute (all were year round employees). So in that 30 minutes we spent $86.40 talking about something that generates $900 total dollars in a year. We no longer waste that amount of time on decisions that should be quick!

By the way… pull carts are now free of charge at that golf course and we haven’t talked about it since.

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