Tourism Master Plan
The City of Vancouver, Vancouver Convention Center, Tourism Vancouver and Vancouver Economic Commission have joined forces to create a Vancouver Tourism Master Plan. According to the Vancouver Tourism Plan website a master plan is necessary now because tourism has not been considered during planning and “the result is a lack of a comprehensive tourism context for policy decisions at the City of Vancouver as it relates to matters such as land- use, capital planning, transportation, safety and economic development.” Sports and Recreation will be one component of tourism considered during the master plan. 

Public Survey
All residents of Vancouver, tourism stakeholders or not, are being asked to participate in the survey that launched March 20th. The survey closes April 15th.

“People who care about the tourism industry, or who care about Vancouver and its future get to have a say,” [Tourism Vancouver’s Rick] Antonson says. “We have a chance to influence what comes about. We should be thinking today about 20, 30 years down the road. Because 30 years down the road, the Vancouver we’ll have is being shaped – or not shaped – today.”

Take the Vancouver Tourism Master Plan Survey now.

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