Twitter remains one of my (Jeff) favourite Social Media platforms. From communication to connecting with other users it was fantastic… 3 – 5 years ago. I am still an active Twitter user but am using the platform more for sports scores and news than anything else these days. The conversations, connections and interactions are basically gone. As my favourite marketer of all time, Gary Vaynerchuck said, “Marketers ruin everything”!

Twiter in 140
At the end of September Twitter announced that it would be rolling out a beta version of Twitter with 280 characters (currently the maximum Tweet is 140 characters). Personally I liked 140 character Twitter. It was (is) short, sweet and to the point. You had to be concise and if you had more to say or offer you included a link to a blog or online story. If you didn’t like what the Tweeter had to say you don’t have to click or you just moved on to the next Tweet in your stream. Twitter at 140 characters moves fast which is great. As the saying goes ‘time is money’ and who has either to waste? Personally I like 140 character Twitter!

Twitter in 280
With a public announcement about the 280 character experiment I’m not sure Twitter can back away from implementing it at some point in time. Will it be today or tomorrow? Only time will tell. As I mentioned with the speed with which Twitter moves I’m not sure if more or less people have the time to absorb long snippets of content. I guess we’ll have wait and see.

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