iPhone Applications
As some of you are aware we have converted our business to an almost completely Apple office for 2012. Tara’s Palm Pre cell phone is the last hold out but with iPhone 5 due out shortly we will remedy that. She is actually only using the Palm Pre as a phone (I know weird eh!). However she continues to grow her usage of the iPad for our business. We blogged about the 2012 transformation awhile ago… you can read the recap here. We purposely didn’t include any ‘traditional’ social networking apps in this review as that would have been too easy, although Hootsuite is our favourite for both devices to connect with Twitter and Facebook.

Best 5 Apps for Business
As a follow-up to the previous Apple blog we thought we would list the top 5 apps on Jeff’s iPhone and Tara’s iPad that we use for business. Here they are:

5. Go Play Golf – This one is a bit of a shameless plug as we own 50% of this company. However it is excellent for golf courses and golfers. Go Play Golf provides positive weather forecasts, a handicap tracker, score card and stats tracker.

4.  ToonPaint – ToonPaint is a great app that lets you take a photo and turn into a cartoon. Fun stuff and great for showing the silly side of your business!

3. Instagram – One of the best photo sharing apps on the market. The options for editing photos are excellent and connecting to sharing on social media sites is easy!

2. Dropbox – A great app that Tara and I use all the time for sharing documents. But the bonus is how easy it is to reference saved documents on your iPhone / iPad to show prospective clients.

1. Boxcar – This is the go to app for monitoring social media mentions, comments and likes! It’s especially useful if you manage multiple accounts. It is also a huge time saver and allows you to stay connected in a quick and easy fashion.

Any others that you are using? Please leave a comment and let us know.