Biz Blog
We’ve been blogging for about four years now. However about a year ago we decided to write two blogs, our original blog (now called the 19th Hole Blogand this blog, now called our Biz Blog. The Biz Blog is largely about the business of golf, social media, networking and things we think are useful that could apply in your business. The 19th Hole Blog (our original blog) is largely about our life… wines we taste, restaurants we dine at, golf courses we play, the Vancouver Canucks and interesting activities or experiences we have along the way.

Top 10 Biz Blogs of 2012
Like everyone else doing a “Top 10” list at this time of year we decided to use Google Analytics and review which posts on our Biz Blog were the most read of the year. So… here they are:

  1. TELUS World Skins Game Field Finalized
  2. Extraordinary Customer Experiences
  3. Allied Golf Association of BC – Symposium
  4. Golf and Taxes
  5. Social Media for the Golf Industry
  6. Vancouver Parks Golf Enhances Environmental Stewardship
  7. PGA of BC Unveils Top Golf Courses in the Province
  8. How Did Bubba Watson Win the Masters Without Lessons?
  9. The State of the Golf Industry
  10. PGA of BC – Jim Gibson RIP

Make 2013 an epic year everyone!

Jeff & Tara Ciecko of CK Golf Solutions write two blogs on their website, one is their 19th Hole Blog where they share personal experiences and the Biz Blog where they share business best practices and golf industry related opinions. They have owned CK Golf Solutions for 5 years and provide marketing, social media and business services to the golf and other industries.