Why you need to use Instagram
Last month we wrote a blog about why your business should be using Instagram. So by now we are assuming you have all embraced the platform and need some tips for making your Instagram usage even better!

Tips for using Instagram

Like all social sites be sure to create an engaging bio and complete it in full. If people want to learn more about you this is the first place they are going to look.

Adding hash tags to your photos is a great way to find new followers and share your photos with more people. But to be successful the hashtags should be very specific to your location, call to action and also relevant. No need for useless hashtags.

Instagram currently allows up to 20 hashtags per post, we suggest you use all relevant ones. If you have more there is a work around and that is to add them into the comments area for your post (you can also use the comments if you forgot to use the hashtag in the original post).

If you took a great photo that captures some relevant content but lighting is not great and can’t easily be fixed, try black and white or any of the other filters Instagram offers.

Try taking some food photos standing on a chair. This is particularly effective if you are trying to capture a table setting or more than one plate of food.

Don’t forget you can use other apps for photo editing and creating something unique with your picture such as a collage or different shaped frames. Then you can use that photo to post on your Instagram account.

Like any other social platform be social and interact with your followers. They will appreciate that a brand (golf course) they like follows back and engages with them.

Finally, remember Instagram allows you to shoot and post videos of up to 15 seconds in length. Instead of a photo, remember to every once and a while post a video to your account.


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