Swinkey Feature
CK Golf Solutions is now proud to be working with Brian Benedictson and his company Swinkey Golf. Over the years we (CK Golf Solutions) have been approached by numerous products to either promote, endorse (blog) or sell them. We have generally stayed away from working with products and as most you know have primarily worked with golf courses to improve their businesses (in many different ways).

However when we got a call from Brian a couple of weeks ago we were excited and extremely interested. We had been quietly watching the storey of Swinkey since it first came out in 2009. The product is amazing and something I wished I had back in the day when I was doing a lot of teaching. I used to load up a cart with all kinds of different training aids and it would often take 20 minutes to get ready to go to the range and another 20 minutes to put everything away after a day of teaching. The Swinkey fits in your golf bag and it contains everything you need to teach good golf fundamentals and much more.

After meeting Brian and working with him at the Vancouver Golf Show we are very excited to continue the great path that Swinkey is on and hope to grow the business together. There is a long list of Canadian, Nationwide and Asia Tour Players using the Swinkey. You can view what they have to say about it here. It really is an amazing tool to help improve your golf game.

So What Is A Swinkey?
Now referred to as the “Golfer Toolbox” or “Swiss Army Knife of golf” the Swinkey is an Aluminum tube that stores two fiberglass and two stainless-steel spikes inside. It has a golf grip on either end with a laminated vinyl decal and 8 holes drilled in the tube that work in conjunction with the rods and spikes to form various configurations and can be used either indoors or outdoors to work on putting, tempo, fitness, alignment, ball position, swing plane, putting plane, a camera can be mounted on top, and it is long enough to protect your clubs in travel. But enough of that, watch the video below to find out all the things the Swinkey can be used for to help you improve your golf game.

If you decide you want to purchase a Swinkey after seeing what it can do, Click here to visit SwinkeyGolf Inc. If you are a golf course or business looking to bulk purchase Swinkeys (with custom branding), please feel free to contact us anytime.