Event Two Recap
The Simmlands Insurance Golf Industry Professional Series – Present by J.T. Insurance in partnership with CK Golf Solutions held our second event of the season this week at Mayfair Lakes Golf Club. Thanks to Mike Smedstad and Jamie Baxter for being great hosts. Thanks also to Hal Eremko of Riverway Golf Course for leading our discussion.

Skin # 4 – Troy Peverley $75                              KP # 4 – Mike Smedstad $40
Skin # 8 – Wayne Vollmer $75                              KP # 15 – Michael Mather $40
Skin # 9 – Dahman Boudraa $75
Skin # 10 – Tom Monaghan $75
Skins # 2 & 18 – James Presnail $150
Skins  # 7 & 15 – Michael Mather  $150

The purpose of these events is to bring together a group of Golf Industry Professionals for a day of golf, networking, a bit of friendly competition in a Skins Game format and a bit of education.  This year’s events are again by invitation only but if you feel that someone is missing from our invite list please let us know.

The next event will be held Tuesday, June 14th at Riverway Golf Course, 2:00pm Tee Times, lunch/discussion at 12:00. Come visit the new clubhouse! The discussion will be led by Tom Monaghan and will begin with ‘Growing the winter business in the Golf Industry”

All events are $40.00 per player and all money goes towards the Skins Game. Simmlands Insurance & CK Golf Solutions will each sponsor an “open” KP competition for each event.