Building Relationships
Whether you are a teaching professional, the manager of a private golf club, the head golf professional at a resort course or a golf course owner you have two goals – to retain the customers that you already have and to bring in new ones. In order to retain the customers that you already have you must build a relationship with them.

Relationships are something that the golf industry has typically been good at. However, consumers are now demanding this type of relationship building not only be done in person at the golf facility but online as well. People want to get to know the real people behind a business. They want to know why your facility is different from another.

Teaching Pro’s and blogging
If you are a teaching pro online platforms are a way for your students and potential students to directly ask your advice online. These platforms are also a way for you to learn what common questions are being posed online and to offer your feedback. By posting a blog on a regular basis potential students can get to know a bit about a teacher’s personality before they book a lesson. This, as well as testimonials from others, give the golfing consumer reassurance. While this may seem like a lot of work, today’s consumer wants, almost demands, more information about you and your business.

Let your Superintendent speak 
As we have written before (see previous post) a golf course superintendent can also play a role in communicating to members or the public. At all golf facilities the most important impression always comes down to the golf course itself. Online platforms are an excellent way to connect your golf course superintendent with your golfers. Whether it is a monthly blog on course conditions, weekly Facebook posts or a daily course condition update do not dismiss the value of including your superintendent in all communication and engagement efforts.

Be Honest 
But the bottom line is regardless of the who, what, where and when the messages must be honest, helpful, informative and engaging. Assuming that they once did, people no longer want to have messages pushed at them. The golf industry must use its tools of relationship building and engagement to draw customers in.


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