The story of TOMS
Having just finished reading “Start Something that Matters” by Blake Mycoskie the concept of storytelling for your business seems to keep coming up as a recurring theme. Not just in this book but also in the content of several of the talks we heard during Social Media Week in September. “Start Something that Matters” is the story of TOMS shoes that gives away one pair of shoes to a child for every pair of shoes sold. From a philanthropic standpoint it is a great story. From a business standpoint it shows how a company was built from nothing by relying on the story it was telling. You should read the book.

Tell your story
One of the main messages I got from the book is that facts are important but a good story is compelling. Every business needs to tell their own story and be truly genuine about it. Your story includes your staff, your products, your ideas, the ‘why’ behind your operation and how you run it. Your story should be told by everyone in your operation at every chance they get.

Use your blog
We have written several posts lately about blogging and how to come up with blog content. Telling your story is another part of that puzzle. Have you managers discuss the why and how behind your business and share their stories. Let your readers get to know your staff by posting profiles and pictures. These should include all staff – not just managers and supervisors – and should not be your typical business profile but includes things like…their favorite menu item, their favorite golf movie and why, their hometown etc. Your staff is part of your story and having your customers connect with your staff will build their trust and loyalty.

Jeff & Tara Ciecko of CK Golf Solutions write two blogs on their website, one is there 19th Hole Blog where they share personal experiences and the Biz Blog where they share business best practices and golf industry related opinions. They have owned CK Golf Solutions for 5 years and provide marketing, social media and business services to the golf industry.