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As spring is here (except if you are in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba or Ontario right now)! This is the time of year to impart some soft selling sales techniques to your team that can provide increased revenue and improved customer experiences.

The Golf Ball Story
If any have you have one of our sales talks in the past 3 – 4 years then you’ve likely heard this story (jump ahead to the next story if you like). This is a short version if you choose to read it ūüôā¬†

About 15 or so years ago we ran an experiment with our team in the Golf Shop. All the golf balls were kept behind the counter in a large display unit. We asked the Golf Shop, for a two week period, when a customer asked for a sleeve of balls to pick two from the display and place them in front of the customer. The team was concerned. “What if they don’t want both sleeves” they asked. We said no problem, pick up the second one and put it back. No harm, no foul!

After the two weeks we tallied up the results of the “experiment”, guess what… 7 out of 10 times the customer took both sleeves of balls. Easiest and most simplest way to employ the ‘soft sell’. It’s a technique we still use today!

The Candy Story 
This is a new one that we’ve just started sharing, it came from a personality test that we were involved with for one of the client golf courses. We can’t remember what it was called but here is the story “the way we heard it” (to quote a Mike Rowe <Deadliest Catch/ Dirty Jobs> podcast we regularly listen to when travelling).

If you work as a server in Food and Beverage or are the owner/ operator of a restaurant business. This story has two messages. One, your servers will make more money, and two, you will increase your revenue through better customer interaction. In the study we read it stated the following (paraphrased):

  • If the server drops the bill with one candy for each person, the tip is likely 15%.
  • If the server drops the bill with more than one candy for each person, the tip is likely 18%.
  • If the server drops the bill with many more candies for each person, the tip is likely 20%.
  • If the server drops the bill with many more than one candy for each person and says “your were my favourite table tonight, here are some extra candies”, the tip likely exceeds 20%!

The kicker to last the point is that the multiple candies and a small interaction create more customer loyalty and the customers return to your business more often. This is two-fold, your staff makes more money and you grow your business at a very low cost (candies are cheap) and so are smiles!

Share this with your food and beverage team!

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