Path is a social networking platform that launched in November of 2010. I’ve been using it for about the last year and really like it. In fact if  I could only use one social platform I would give up the others in favour of using only Path.

Dave Morin, Co-founder and CEO, says: “Our long-term grand vision here is to build a network that is very high quality and that people feel comfortable contributing to at any time.”

Real Connections

Path limits the number of people a user can be connected to, currently 150. That means that people are using and connecting more with people they actually know or have a relationship with. It is a mobile only social platform and works great on my iPhone 5.

Path is really like an online journal where you share moments, photos, check-ins, music you are listening to and even when you wake up or go to bed. The photo feature offers many of the things provided by Instagram, making it easy to put a new filter on any photos you take.

It’s layout is clean and easy to use, there isn’t a lot of noise like on Facebook and Twitter and marketers haven’t ruined it (yet). Businesses are not using Path as it has remained a connection and sharing platform for real people, not brands (yet?).

The Problem With Path
The only problem I currently have is that not enough people I know are using the App. Path is currently a free App on Android, iPhone and iPad sign-up and let’s connect over there 🙂


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