Social Media Week Vancouver
We have now attended Social Media Week Vancouver events on Monday (see previous blog) and Wednesday. We missed Tuesday with too much client work to do. Three of the four events we attended were held at the ING Cafe at West Pender and Howe. It is a great venue for events. Check it out if you get a chance.

On Wednesday we attended:
Blogging for your Business is no longer Optional, it’s Mandatory at the ING Direct Cafe
The Social Media Productivity Balancing Act also at the ING Direct Cafe
Social Media & Entertainment – The New Game Changer at UBC Continuing Studies in Robson Square

Here are our favorite takeaways from Wednesday…

“Every time a client or customer asks a question write the answer as a blog post.” – Owen Clark 
This is a great way to create content for your blog. It will give you new post ideas for every week or every day. At the same time it provides value to your readers and gives your potential customers a better understanding what you do. It also helps you learn more about yourself and your business.

“Social networking is not the desired outcome it is what leads people to your desired outcome.” – Mike Vardy
Spend more time on setting the table than worrying about the chairs around it. There are many platforms that are available to you. But if you have a poor website all of the platforms are not relevant. Where you live is more important than the signs pointing people there.

“Be mindful of your digital footprint.” – Tristan Jutras
Be aware of what is out there about you whether you posted it or someone else did. Google your name and your business on a regular basis. 

“Try to fit into the trending topics. Add value to the trending conversation and more people will notice you.” – Stephanie Michelle Scott

On Thursday we are attending the all day FPReach seminars with Gary Vaynerchuck as the keynote speaker. Friday we will be at CBC for two sessions – Social CEOs Leadership Summit and Dragon’s Den.

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