Using Snapchat
So you have decided to use Snapchat as part of your marketing strategy to connect with relevant members of your target audience. Here is some help to get you started…

First start with your profile. As with all social platforms make sure you create your profile picture by adding a photo of your business or your brand logo. Fill out your profile in full. This makes it easier for users to find you.

Then let people know you are on Snapchat. Give them reason to follow you. Share snap code on other social media marketing platforms and tell them how to find you.

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Your 1st Snapchat Story
Start with an event. Something that has a start and end and try to create a story out of a series of snaps that capture the event and represent your brand. This is an easy way to get your feet wet with snapchat as you do not need to create content but simply capture the day’s events. This will gives your Snapchat audience members direct access to your live event and you can use the event to grow your followers by telling participants what you and your business are doing right now.

Portray the event in a story format. Videos in any medium should be kept short and snappy (pardon the pun), and that’s certainly true with Snapchat. Create content that includes multiple video clips and several pictures strung together to build the story.  Just like with all social platforms, telling a story will give your brand better staying power then a one off snap.

  • Timing: You are only allowed up to 10 seconds of video.
  • Text: Write text on any image you take to customize it to suit your brand.
  • Customization: Pencils allow you to colour on your photos, write messages, highlight certain areas, or draw attention to certain aspects. Emoji’s add different themes and messages. Filters add elements such as the temperature, speed at which you are traveling, time of day and the usual black and white plus tonal filters.
  • Download: You can download your snaps, including videos and images, to use later on with other content or on other platforms.

Snapchat is largely uncharted territory for business’, it is your opportunity to be ahead of the curve.

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