Customer Service
We thought this was pretty cool when we saw it on our travels in the U.S. this past winter. Recently, when we were back in Canada we saw it again in Saskatoon, SK. We’re not sure if it is a good idea or not yet, but it is a neat idea.

Disclaimer: We didn’t use it when we saw it on the table, the service was quite frankly great both times. Maybe that is a result of management knowing if the servers have the potential to be buzzed by tables they are more on-top of providing great customer service proactively?

Canadian Brewhouse
As most of you know we dine out a lot, but this was the first time we had seen it in Canada. Kallpod (according to the server we talked to) was bought into by the owner of the Canadian Brewhouse and brought to all locations in his chain.

How it Works
The Kallpod sits on your table and the instructions are pretty self-explanatory. Push a button for service, another for a round of drinks and the third for your bill. Seems easy enough! The server at the Canadian Brewhouse explained to us that each server wears a “watch”, which looks like an Apple watch. When one of their tables pushes a buttons they get buzzed with the request. Our server stated that it worked well because they interrupted customers less when they were eating or drinking. She also stated that when you pushed the final bill button that she didn’t bring it right away but would go to the table to see if they needed anything before bringing the final tab. 

It’s a great idea and we were certainly intrigued by it. But both times we’ve had it on our table the service was great and we had no need to use it. So the question is… is your service good enough to survive with without it or should you invest in the technology to improve the customer experience in your restaurant?

Here is a great customer service tool we wrote about in 2015!

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