National Car Rental
As you can imagine with all the travelling we do that from time to time we require a rental car. For the last number of years I have been loyal to National Car Rental. Typically my car rentals have been in Vancouver, Nanaimo and Edmonton. Recently I rented a car in Vancouver when we flew back (from Las Vegas) for the Vancouver GOLFEXPO. I have earned a number of “free” rental cars over the years, but now I am wondering at what price?

Rental Car Fees
Maybe I never paid attention before but I was looking at the invoice from that Vancouver car rental (with National Car Rental). Holly crap… there are a lot of extra fees (my invoice is below)!

Keep in mind the drop-off was on Sunday at 4pm, but of course they were closed and I was charged until 8:26am the next morning. If you see the invoice times it would appear that I had the car for 3 days, according to their invoice I had it for 2 days and 19 hours but in reality I had it for 2 days and 2.5 hours. Well that sucks for me I guess!

Rental Car Charges

  • Refuelling Charge – OK that one is one me. I was in a hurry and didn’t have time to gas the car up. $22.41
  • Province Vehicle Rental Tax – what the hell is that? $4.50
  • Premium Location Charge – I picked the car up at the airport?? $40.83
  • Provincal Sales Tax – fair enough, we all have to pay that. $18.95
  • Vlf Rec – I honestly have no idea what this is?? $2.70
  • Goods and Services Tax – again, fair enough, we all have to pay this. $14.88
  • Customer Facility Charge – again, what the hell is that? $15.00

Total extras without tax = $85.44 (25.8% of the total rental cost)
Total extras with tax = $119.27 (36% of the total rental cost)

Premium Location Charge??
This one is the most puzzling to me… 17.21% is the listed fee. However if you calculate it on my rental cost only it comes to $36.51. If you calculate it at the same percentage on my rental fee PLUS the refuelling charge it comes to $40.36 (notice that both of these are less than what I was charged). One step further, if you calculate it on all EXTRA fees (not including PST or GST) it comes to $51.21. So what the hell? None of these match what I was charged?? 

I am brand loyal, sometimes to a fault, but this blog will serve as the basis for my email to National Car Rental. I will post an update when I receive a reply. In the meantime I’ll be looking for a new Rental Car Company to take my business to!


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