Recently, golf course owners and operators have been reaching out to us at CK Golf to assist them in filling key management positions. You may have received a few of the postings if you are a subscriber to our newsletter. As you know winter is a critical time to get your team in place to start setting the course for a successful upcoming season.

By the way, if you are applying for a new position, read this advice on what not to do!

How We Can Help You
We do more than just recruit people by posting a job description on various job boards. A list of the services we can provide include:

  1. An initial phone call to discuss the facility, who is being replaced (for insight) and the key attributes you are looking for.
  2. A compensation review with comparisons to other similar positions within the golf industry and a recommended salary and benefits.
  3. Drafts and final copies of the job posting and a revitalized job description (for approval).
  4. A performance review document to be used with the selected candidate to provide them with regular feedback for their success.
  5. Collection of resumes, vetting of candidates plus a rating and a brief summary of each applicant including recommendations for a short list (to save you time).
  6. We will be a sounding board for you throughout the recruiting process.

Why Use CK Golf to Recruit?
We think there are a number of reasons why we have successfully been recruiting for clubs this year (if you would like references we would be happy to provide them):

  1. We have a comprehensive list of golf course owners, general managers, head professionals and senior golf course people in Canada. Our email reaches key people to promote a position you are looking to fill.
  2. Our social foot print is fairly large from Twitter to Facebook to LinkedIn and we can promote your position through those channels.
  3. We can help get your position posted on NGCOA, PGA and other industry job boards (we don’t use sites like Indeed).
  4. We can recommend channels that you may already have to spread the word about the position.

You and your team will interview the chosen short listed candidate and make your own selection. The final decision is 100% yours!

If you are looking to fill a management position or if you have any questions, give Jeff a call anytime at 604-506-2226.


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