Hiring Your Team
Recruiting or hiring your next group of team members is a core function of the job that Managers do everyday. Promoting (promotion) is the process of giving people an opportunity to grasp what may be sitting right in front of them and challenging them to grab it. We are a big believer in hiring the personality and training the skill as well as promoting from within. You cannot change someone’s behaviour but you can improve their customer service and business skills.

Often people will apply for management positions without really understanding the business acumen that is required. You must be able to understand everything from from financials to motivating your people to what your owners want. It can take time to discover your core values i.e. how you want to run the business. We recently blogged about our core values and what it means to join the team at one of our golf courses. You can read that blog here. We go through these values in detail with every new hire at every golf course. It is the most important talk we have with every employee from dishwasher to cart staff to Supervisor or Manager.

It is tough to find good people and often, particularly in small communities, we recruit from the people we meet away from the golf course. It is easy to engage, ask for a name and to monitor their performance at their current place of work to determine if they might be a fit for your organization. You may have to frequent the place a couple of times to see how their personalty and customer interactions go. It is worth the time if you are looking for good people and is far better than some “bullsh*t” interview you might conduct.

All employees require good coaching but so do your Managers. CK Golf provides a coaching program for Managers and Supervisors and we also offer Sales Training (no it’s not a dirty word). A sample of that program can be viewed here.

If you would like to have a NO CHARGE call with Jeff to discuss recruiting, staff training or management coaching feel free to give him a call at 604-506-2226 or connect by email to [email protected].

We, Jeff and Tara Ciecko of CK Golf write two blogs, one is our 19th Hole Blog where we share personal experiences and the other an Industry Blog where we comment on general business and internet marketing best practices, sales strategies and give golf industry related opinions. We have owned CK Golf  for 10 years and provide marketing, social media and business services to the golf and other industries. As of August 2016 our life and our business have been ‘location independent’. Our 19th Hole Blog is about the places we visit and the things we do. If you have any questions or comments, or happen to be in the same location as us please reach out and contact us anytime.