By Jordie Arthur – CK Golf Senior Associate

Here is my second blog for CK Golf, if you missed the first one, you can read it here!

With how fast the world moves, people today want to feel like they are getting something for their time, after all time is a very valuable form of currency. This is especially true with certain groups that our CK Golf clients want to target, such as younger golfers.

Why does providing more value help your business or your golf course?

Customers are constantly evaluating what they get back from supporting you. Whether it is from following you on social media, downloading your app, joining your mailing list, or visiting your golf shop and golf course, customers want to know what you can provide them. 

Because of this, we at CK Golf, are always looking for new ways to provide value and show customers why they should spend their valuable time on you. This can come in many ways, but there are three main concepts that I want to focus on to incentivize your customers:

  1. Entertainment Value

People love to be entertained. Whether that’s through education and learning, humour, or something really cool to see. This can be as easy as showing what happens behind the scenes or posting a joke related to your business. 

  1. Personal Value

People drive people to engagement. Making personal connections with your potential customers, current customers, and the public will build your brand and business. For instance, a golf course celebrating a player’s hole-in-one with a post and image on social media can help to make them feel special and personally connected there. 

Also remember, word of mouth is still incredibly important when individuals are choosing where to support. If they and their friends have had good impressions, or even just heard good things, they are more likely to recommend and frequent your business.

  1. Social Value

People love to shop and support local. What does your business do for the community? Do you have any environmental projects? If you are supporting a worthwhile cause and it’s something that your customers care about they will go out of their way to support you.

So, What Does That All Mean?

There is no end to the ways that you can provide value to your customers. The only thing holding you back is your creativity and time, but with a little work this added value can be massively beneficial to your business. The more value you can provide, the more value you will see coming back to you.

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