Returning Staff
In a previous ‘Biz Blog’ we wrote about the ‘Pros and Cons of Long Term Employment‘. That blog was written from the employees perspective about why you should stay and why you should move onto different positions or careers. This time around we wanted to share our thoughts on why you should and should not consider keeping long term staff.

First of all, if ALL of your staff are returning from the previous year your employee evaluation and exit interview process is likely flawed. Your team cannot likely be made up of 100% ‘rock stars’. This should be your starting point! If you have a systematic approach to hiring and evaluating your staff, with a little room for ‘gut instinct’ you will retain the right people and lose the rest. Knowing that sometimes you have to cut your loses (and people) will pay dividends.

Pros of Retaining Staff

  • It’s easy, but this is not the only reason to keep staff. Only use this reason for your those you are not quite sure about.
  • Recruiting and hiring can be time consuming and expensive, better to stick with what (who) you have, if they are doing the job.
  • There is value in experience, which returning staff will have.
  • There is value in relationships, which returning staff should have.
  • Loyalty should often be rewarded.
  • Returning staff can help your work place culture.

Cons of Retaining Staff

  • Staff become complacent and possibly lazy in the way they do things.
  • You will likely have to find new ways to motivate retuning staff.
  • Bad habits are contagious and will reflect on new employees.
  • Bad hires can cost you money.
  • Cut your losses before they cost you money!
  • They can hurt your workplace culture.

Leave us a comment with your Pros and Cons!

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