More Green Fees Please
As a follow up to our blog Marketing Golf Memberships we thought it would also be a good idea to start thinking about green fee play as well. If you have not already planned out your marketing and promotional strategies for 2018, what are you waiting for? This blog may give you a few ideas on how to increase your green fee play.

Newsletter Topic
We have also put more promotional ideas together for marketing both memberships and green fees in our regular weekly newsletter edition that will come out this Wednesday, January 30th. If you are not subscribed, here is the link: CK Golf ‘Solutions’ Newsletter

Green Fee Promotion Ideas

10 in 30 – Offer 10 green fees with a cart that must be played within 30 days of purchase. You could do this at the beginning of the season at a lower green fee rate to encourage early season play or do it in summer at full rate but get golfers to play more rounds in a shorter amount of time than they might otherwise. There must be a stipulation that the same golfer can only purchase one 10 in 30. So after the 30 days are over you have either converted them into a more frequent golfer or possibly into a member.

Play All Day Rate – Have a set fee to play multiple rounds of golf including a power cart and range use for the day. This is a good promotion to try to get the highest dollars out of any green fee players traveling into your area or who are locals but not regulars.

To promote your Play All Day rate consider building a partnership with one or two accommodations to offer a booking incentive to their staff to promote this program. A stronger relationship with a few partners could lead to other ways that the facilities could all work together to promote the region and golf packages specifically.

Creating New Golfers
While the above two ideas focus on those who are already golfers you should also consider trying to bring more non-golfers or beginners out to your club to introduce them to the game. Special Events are the best way to do this. Women’s Golf Day is gaining momentum and is a very easy event for your facility to tag on to. There is already a significant amount of promotion surrounding the date – June 5th – and promotional materials are already created. So take what is there and put your own spin on it. 

The key is to create fun, non-intimidating events that attract a variety of audiences. You should do at least one women’s event, couples event and family event every season. If they are even remotely successful, then do more!

We will not all be as fun and entertaining as TopGolf, but we can try!

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