The Future of Print Advertising
We always pick up copies the latest Canadian Golf magazines (mostly to see who is advertising in them) to read the latest and greatest from our industry. While the writing in the articles was good, for the most part, the advertisements really left a lot to be desired. Several had no call to action at all. Many had no coordination with the golf courses on-line marketing efforts (no website URL, Yikes) and most had no relevant text explaining a USP (unique selling proposition).

Print is Not Dead…
But it is dying! When you consider the rising cost of paper, delivery and the affordability of on-line marketing you can see that print is living a little bit on borrowed time. Don’t get us wrong, print has some value. Some people still prefer to read long copy (we don’t know any ūüėČ but we know they are out there. Print is something you can physically touch and it offers an alternative to all the digital noise that we are subject to in our daily lives. But, the cost of print advertising in many cases continues to rise as readership declines. That means that your ad had better make an impact on the eyes that do see it!

Mobile App
We have done very little in the traditional media world with our client golf courses over the past 5 years. We’ve instead bought into the big three (web, e-news, social) for a long time now and into digital advertising that can be easily tracked and measured. You can always determine how well your digital advertising, website, newsletters and social posts are performing, unlike print. After the Big 3 we consider the 4th a mobile app and the 5th some type of eCommerce platform. The next time you think of buying a full page print ad, instead consider a mobile app.

For roughly the same cost as a full page print ad you can have a mobile application for your customers that lasts all year long, provides value to your golfers and allows you to access them anytime through push notifications and geo-fences. Is it time to enhance your customer experience and exposure?

Want to chat further about mobile applications? Give us a call anytime at 604-506-2226, we love to chat about how mobile apps can improve your business.

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