Why you should use Pinterest
In a previous blog we quoted some Pinterest stats and a few reasons why we think golf courses and other businesses should consider adding Pinterest to their social media tool box. The main reason, and Jeff’s often said and quotable favorite “it sells shit”. You can read that blog here. So if you have decided to jump onto Pinterest for your business here are some tips to help get started.

UGC PinterestPinterest Tips

  • Post good quality images. Blurry, pixelated, too small or just plain bad images are not meant for Pinterest (or Instagram). If you must, save the poorer quality pics for Facebook.
  • Use the descriptions wisely. While something like ‘cool or cute’ might be appropriate, keyword-rich descriptions will help get pins and boards found more easily via search.
  • Create a board for each specific area of your business or call to action. Each board may have a different audience so don’t just lump your pins all together. Target each board to a specific audience and then link the pins on that board to the appropriate call to action – ie book a tee time, inquire about a wedding, buy a product etc.
  • Always link your pins to your website (unless you are re-pinning). The whole point is to drive traffic from Pinterest to your site or store. Link to the specific page or product not just the home page.
  • Also make sure your profile links to your website and to your other social platforms and that your profile is complete. You can do this from the ‘edit profile’ and ‘settings’ tabs.
  • Don’t feel obligated to follow or re-pin. Just because someone follows or re-pins one of your pins you should only reciprocate if the pin or the board makes sense to your business and your followers.
  • Don’t just re-pin. It is OK to re-pin when relevant to your audience but strive to create your own boards with images unique to your facility.
  • Be careful not to over sync your social platforms. While Pinterest can help boost your Twitter content do not share the same image on all of your platforms all the time. Be creative.
  • If you are selling something or linking to your online store add a price to your pin by putting a $ sign and the price in the description. Pinterest claims that pins with prices get more views. These pins are also added to the ‘Gifts’ page of Pinterest automatically.
  • Promote your Pinterest page throughout your facility and online. Make sure all of your social platforms are listed on tent cards, posters etc. around your course and that your website includes all links. You can go one step further and also put these links in all of your staff’s email signatures.

Check out University Golf Club’s Pinterest page for some inspiration.

Give as a call at 604-506-2226 if you would like to discuss Pinterest or any other social platform.


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