The Canadian Armed Forces has always played a significant role in the protection of freedoms around the world. The have also forged a longtime partnership with our great neighbor, the United States of America.

This partnership can be traced from WWI through WWII, the Korean conflict, Iraq, and of late, the war in Afghanistan.

The civilian population of our country—everyday people like you and me—has remained patriotic in support of the individuals of the Canadian Armed Forces— albeit perhaps not as vociferous as some would like at times—but that may be one of the great things about being a Canadian: understated confidence and steadfastness in the face of fear and need.

The brave men and women who serve in today’s Canadian Armed Forces exemplify this everyday on behalf of all Canadians.

The PGA of Canada, in collaboration with Golf Canada and the True Patriot Love Foundation, is extremely pleased to bring Patriot Day Golf to Canada.

Patriot Golf Day will mirror the very successful initiative of the PGA of America and the Folds of Honor Foundation in the United States. The program, which has been in place since 2007, has raised more $12 million in support of the military and their families in the United States.

The PGA of Canada will focus this year’s event on the Labour Day weekend and is asking golf facilities and PGA of Canada members to register. We’re asking you be the conduit for collecting donations that will be sent on to the True Patriot Love Foundation by the PGA of Canada on behalf of everyone involved to support their numerous activities that support Canadian military personnel and their families.

There is no special event that needs to be conducted by the golf professional or the facility. Just register online, display the information at your facility and have a collection mechanism. There is no cost to register and the entire information package is free as well.

PGA members and facilities have the flexibility to create events at their own clubs and raise funds in addition to the Patriot Golf Day long weekend. But, this is purely at the discretion of the respective member and their facility.

PGA members have always given back to their facilities and their communities in a volunteer manner and I encourage all members to reflect on the freedoms we enjoy in our country and get behind this initiative to support the men and women who serve in the Canadian Armed Forces.

By: Gary Bernard – PGA of Canada, Executive Director