10 Most Trusted Brands in Canada
Recently we saw an article on the Daily Hive about the 10 most trusted brands in Canada. You can read it here. We thought we would come up with our list of trusted brands that we use daily, weekly or monthly.

CK Golf’s Most Trusted Brands
1. Marriott Hotels – Believe it or not we can’t recall having a bad stay at a Marriott managed property, whether a Marriott, Courtyard by Marriott, Starwood or Delta Hotels. Plus there loyalty program is fantastic and has provided many benefits to us on our travels over the years.

2. Shaw – Say what you will about this one, but we’ve been Shaw customers for more than a decade. Innovative new products (like gateway), support via Twitter, Shaw to Shaw free long distance calling and comparable pricing made us a fan. good-image

3. Tap & Barrel – You have to get to know your local pub, the people that run it and the staff. Tap & Barrel has great people at all levels of their operation. With locations in (Vancouver) Convention Centre, Olympic Village, North Vancouver and satellite locations (Tap Shacks) in Coal Harbour and at the Burrard Bridge it is our go to spot for weekend brunch and to watch the game! Bonus… if you sit at the bar they have plugs and USB chargers under the counter top.

4. Apple – With two MacBook Air’s, an iPad and two iPhones, Apple is our go to provider for all of our business and personal needs. What they say is true… once you go Mac you never go back!

5. Google Maps – Some times we think “Betty” (our nickname for the voice) is crazy, possibly leading us in the wrong direction. However 99% of the time she has been correct and a life saver with finding the fastest route to our destination.

Leave us a comment with your favourite brand and why?


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